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Soul Writing

Seeding Soul Stories is an experiential 5-week online writing program that explore soul through writing - and writing through soul. With a small group of fellow seekers we tap the deepest roots of your soul's longing for self-expression and discover what is ready to emerge.

Therapy - Soul Listening

If you’re feeling called to create a new life vision for yourself and are ready to make a change, consider taking a journey with an ally, mirror and fellow traveler. With this type of therapy you will develop a lifelong trust of tuning into your own soul for answers while discovering a newfound sense of connection with life.

Young Adult Mentoring

In this month-by-month program I work with young adult males struggling to succeed in life. Combining therapy with soul listening, and nature questing, I help them overcome the obstacles getting in their way. 

Thank You Mark

Deep Clarity, Peace and Knowing... 

"Working with Mark was truly one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life and I shall forever be grateful to Mark for shepherding me through the quest experience...What surprised me most was the deep clarity I got; the peace and knowing that comes from being in a liminal space; of having a truly numinous experience. And the fact that I awakened to something very powerful within me, that I can summon when the need arises."

--Northern California Mother, Client

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