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Therapy and Mentoring Services

Soul Writing

Seeding Soul Stories is an experiential 5-week online writing program that explore soul through writing - and writing through soul. With a small group of fellow seekers we tap the deepest roots of your soul's longing for self-expression and discover what is ready to emerge.

Therapy - Soul Listening

If you’re feeling called to create a new life vision for yourself and are ready to make a change, consider taking a journey with an ally, mirror and fellow traveler. With this type of therapy you will develop a lifelong trust of tuning into your own soul for answers while discovering a newfound sense of connection with life.

Young Adult Mentoring

In this month-by-month program I work with young adult males struggling to succeed in life. Combining therapy with soul listening, and nature questing, I help them overcome the obstacles getting in their way. 

Thank You Mark

A Wonderful Experience... 

"“I was hoping to work with Mark in order to feel more connected to my creativity and feel more passionate and excited about being creative. I got that and so much more. I felt completely supported and encouraged. Questing got me excited about beauty in a new way and reminded me of what I used to love. This questing with Mark was such a wonderful experience. Mark is intuitive and passionate about supporting one's being on the path, in whatever direction you may want to go. Thank You Mark!”."
--Elaine F., Past Client

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