My formal credentials

* M.A. Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

*Mentor At Transitional Living House Boulder - Aim House 

* Registered Therapist

*Board Member, Depth Psychology Alliance

*Animas Valley Institute Trainings

*School of Lost Borders Training

*Rites of Passage Trainings in Santa Rosa CA

*Graduate Studies in Literature

*B.A. in Literature


Born in Chicago, I've commercial fished in Alaska, survived an avalanche, opened and ran a bookstore, and studied literature in Missoula. My first vision quest in Death Valley almost a decade ago, changed everything for me. I am a father of two amazing boys and a husband to my beautiful wife living in Boulder, Colorado.


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About Mark

...I love adventure, good conversation, books and wild places.

I love tracking soul...The soul as it comes through others and the soul of the world. Thus, especially those places, images, metaphors, dreams, and symbols where we see and feel some alignment between inner and outer images. This is the field of synchronicity, where the barrier drops between inner and outer, and ego is given both the opportunity and the challenge to release some old ways of knowing.

Questing for new understanding of inner nature in outer nature tends to generate a field of synchronicity that offers illumination, revelation and the stirrings of the numinous.

Questing in nature with depth is a pathway that offers a navigational system other than rationality and linearality.

Working in the field of soul and stream is a place I love. It comes from my experience and training in the ceremony of vision quest and depth psychology. 

And although there are ways I can track the seeds of this mid-life work and offering back to other periods of my life, the most clear turn in the road occurred less than a decade ago...I had a successful small business in a field that I loved. I was surrounded by a loving wife and two bright and beautiful boys, as well as meaningful and longstanding friendships. BUT, I also knew in my heart I was in trouble, something was missing, I was afraid to die, maybe afraid to live in some way I had not yet lived: I was concerned with hard to discern questions of quality, mortality, fate and destiny. They haunted me.

When I discovered modern practices of ancient ways of walking into the natural world, one foot in front of the other, with these questions of the heart in hand, I sensed I was home free. Here, in nature questing I could address these haunting questions, find some relief, some answers, some better questions, and a way forward—all in a physical and somatic way, and all outside, in the wild outer landscapes that I had loved and cherished since my youth.

My mission now is to help others who have heard a knock, maybe a bell, perhaps only a faint scratching sound at the door of their consciousness that can no longer be ignored. For those who must finally investigate what the mysterious source is on the other side and what it is asking of you, I can help start the conversation. And because I have never been one for choosing inside when outside is an option, I take you outside, where the wisdom surrounds you in the the hills and valleys, the green forests and the wild rivers and where we discover that the answers are always closer and more natural than we think.

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