Seeding Soul Stories

5-week Online Writing Program

for discovering the stories 

that your soul is calling you to tell.

What is Seeding Soul Stories?

This is an Experiential 5-week Online Writing Program to explore soul through writing - and writing through soulTogether with a small group of fellow seekers, we will tap the deepest roots of your soul's longing for self-expression.

We will write in every session, explore dreams, loosen the imagination, identify synchronicities and tap into metaphors. You don't need to be familiar with any of these to join us. The primary aim of the program is to find inspiration, get creative, uncover new and hidden stories, and most importantly deepen our faith and respect for the imagination and its roots in the unconscious. You'll walk away with a newfound sense of your soul's connection to your writing so that you know, deep in your bones, that your stories not only matter...but need to be voiced.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life

and you will call it fate."

–CG Jung


We'll meet virtually (via Zoom video conferencing) once a week for 5 weeks. In each session we focus on writing, story, voice and soul. Each session will be expertly guided with the intention to discover the truths that wish to be known - from the past, present, & future. 

And, unlike traditional writing programs, where the emphasis may be on the mechanics of writing, Seeding Soul Stories is a writing program specifically designed for seekers who want to go deep and find the stories within.

Through powerful exercises, you will experience the unconscious and its gifts of voice, image and dialogue in your story tending. The exercises are designed to honor, and build relationship with the creative, mysterious, and sometimes numinous images that arise in a soulful and creative container.

Class size is limited to 8 participants. 

You don't need to be a writer for this group;

you just need to be ready to

take a chance on

exploring and expressing your creative instincts

in words and images.

"Seeding Soul Stories has given me a greater sense of responsibility and also respect and JOY for "the mystery of it all" as I come to my writing. So many amazing images to process and keep working on from the past five weeks"



Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I need to have writing experience?

All levels are welcome. Absolutely no prior writing experience is necessary to get something out of this program. The program is designed for anyone who wants to dive into creative expression through writing. As long as you have a willingness to write, you are good to go. 

Will I have to share my writing?

Sharing is always optional, so you will never have to share your writing. Although all of the writing in this program occurs in session, we always offer the option of passing or just talking about what you write. It's a safe space to explore writing in a way that works for you.

What if I don't have any ideas for writing, yet?

If you're willing to acknowledge a desire to track down untold stories, stories from your past, aspects of your unlived life, or dreams of your deepest longing, you'll find stories. This is a highly creative and safe container. Most Seeding Soul Story participants are genuinely surprised by how much emerges. 

"Thank you Mark and Donna for creating the space and providing the means for drawing up inspiration from within! I'm always awed by what comes up and the sessions have made me more able to tap into the guidance from the unconscious in my writing outside of our sessions. I realize I'm not alone in my writing but rather working with soul energies that want to come to light in images and be revealed and collaborate in stories."

Jane Doe

Editor, Writer, Mother

"Thank you for a wonderful "seeding soul stories" experience. You have created such a wonderful container for us all to touch and feel soul. I really appreciated your poems, the visualizations, the writing, the sharing; your feedback and interpretations; and the wonderful soulful people who participated. It was all rather magical. "

John Doe

Junior Partner

Upcoming Story Sessions

Seeding Soul Stories

5-week Writing Sessions

Tuesdays 6-8pm MST

January 15 - March 2, 2019

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$247 for 5 weeks

Seeding Soul Stories

5-week Writing Sessions

Wednesdays 6-8pm MST

January 16 - March 3, 2019

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$247 for 5 weeks

“Each person is a story that the

Soul of the World

wants to tell to itself.

--Michael Meade

"This community of writers will energize you and boot up your creativity and help your soul find its purpose."

Jane Doe

Editor, Writer, Mother

Your Soul Writing Guides

This is our fourth year leading Seeding Soul Stories together. Using our diverse backgrounds as leaders and our shared understanding of the psyche's home in the imagination, we offer a safe space and creative environment for tapping material that wants...and perhaps needs to emerge.

Mark Sipowicz

Mark Sipowicz is a Jungian Wilderness Guide, holds an MA in depth psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, is a board member of the Alliance, and a Wilderness Guides Council member. All of his work with psyche and nature fall under the title of Soul and Stream. This includes his seasonally offered men’s wilderness retreats, the Heart Arrow Quest; his ongoing dialogue with community in the Meetup, A Bolder Conversation with Nature; and his private practice offering experiential teachings in the Art of Quest. He was in the book business for over twenty years and his first love is literature. He has trained extensively with Animas Valley Institute, the School of Lost Borders and Rites of Passage (Santa Rosa). He is a father and husband living in Boulder.

Donna May

Donna May is a depth therapist, consultant, educator, writer & Depth Psychology Alliance board member. Donna has taught writing and storytelling classes, groups & workshops for over 30 years and believes passionately in the healing power of dreams, writing, and storytelling to transform individuals and communities. She tends stories and dreams in her office, community, and online, including the Writing & Storytelling Project in the local juvenile hall, Psyche Salon an online community of powerful women committed to walking an authentic path, and Soul Callings Workshops. Donna also sends out daily Psyche's Call Writing Prompts (

"Thank you for providing such an awesome space to explore soul through writing. Wonderful to hear all the stories and ruminations of our little collective. Thanks for your thoughtful leadership, the poems and the feedback."

John Doe

Junior Partner

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