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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life

 and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung

The core of what I do.

My practice and offerings come from a deep place of care and curiosity fed by training in rites of passage, nature questing, the written arts, Jungian psychology, eco-therapy, dream work and archetypal studies.

At the root of Jungian Psychology is the idea that the core of who we are, and what we are here to do, is hidden deep in the the unconscious. And the key to living a life we love, and facing our disappointments or confronting our fears - is directly related to our ability to tap into that inner source of wisdom.

We work with the unconscious to bring light to what is otherwise in darkness. My work, as a Jungian therapist, is to help you understand the messages. It takes time, but once you learn ways to access your inner wisdom, you'll have a new outlook on life and ways of coping with life's inevitable ups and downs. Because life's outer circumstances are always changing, but the wisdom of your psyche never goes away.     

All of my work with psyche is in fellowship with you in the spirit of the journey. With curiosity about what wants to unfold, along with care and compassion for the challenges that we all go through trying to successfully navigate the life we were meant to live.

4 - Ways to Work Together

It is a great honor and pleasure to meet those seeking deeper meaning in life no matter what circumstances brought you here. Whether you choose to work with me in person or online, my intention always is to create and hold space for wholeness and healing with safety, creativity, curiosity and care. 



For anyone in the midst of shifting this that or the other thing

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Young Adult


One-on-one mentoring tailored for young adults in recovery and transition

Normalizing the struggles of life, shifting perspective and using our imagination to see new pathways forward, incorporating the messages of dreams, getting curious about symptoms and patterns with eagerness to alleviate the suffering, yet curiosity enough to attend what psyche and spirit might be asking of us….offering myself as fellow traveler on the road of life, seeing nature’s gifts as a mirror to our own gifts and our calling to be ourselves and yet to grow, blossom, give, engage. These are some of the territories I am eager to share with my mentoring clients. 


Soul Writing Class

Seeding Soul Stories - 5 week online writing class

Working with groups to celebrate our innate desire and need to story our world with words that resonate with the truth of our being is one of my greatest pleasures. Using dreams, mythologies and poetry to tap the creative source we all have interwoven with our deepest soul and the psych of the world can be a magical space for tapping unseen forces, living more of one’s un-lived life, and manifesting creative projects in the world that have deep tap roots of connection to meaning and purpose. 



Men's Wilderness Retreats

offered in California and Colorado seasonally

This program offer wilderness time and engagement which is such a touchstone for men’s deeper relating to others and our own inner work.

The program is trauma sensitive with awareness and openness to the many ways masculinity shows up in the human form. It are also non-prescriptive programs. Geared toward drawing out the most generative aspects of masculinity and its relation to the feminine, these are opportunities for men to expand their realms of care, curiosity and connection through personal work and collective sharing.

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Some of the issues past clients have

brought to my practice:

  • Creative and spiritual burnout - and not knowing how to get spirit back.
  • Hearing a Call - but not knowing how to answer.
  • Hearing a whisper - but not knowing how to decode the message.
  • Breakups and relationship challenges - not knowing how to resolve them.
  • Feeling grief and grieving - and not knowing how to get life back.
  • Transitions: new jobs, new phase of life - and not feeling centered. 
  • Out of touch with soul, spirit, roots, deep self, authenticity.
  • Feeling like you should be something you're not (e.g. too much of one personality type: too introverted, too extraverted).
  • Anxiety / Depression 
  • Addiction and recovery
  • PTSD
  • Missing ceremony in life.
  • Desire for more relating between psyche and spirit into life.

Interested in working together?

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"What we call our despair

is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope."

-George Eliotding

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