Men's Wilderness


Thursday - Sunday October 11-14, 2018. In a secluded and pristine wilderness location approximately 1 hour drive from Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado.

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This is your personal invitation to retreat from the world of obligations and gather with other men, around the fire, by the stream, upon the hill, near the valley, to rediscover and remember who you are and why you are alive right now: not to abandon anything, but to re-energize, deepen, and clarify. 

We are calling people who identify as men together again, to create a space for you to explore deep inside of those places in you where you will find your gold and overcome the barriers to living your fullest expression of yourself and your masculinity. 

In a spirit of openness, curiosity, inquiry and fellowship we will sit with other men, planted firmly on the ground, at the feet of soul and nature to hear what wants to be said, to say what needs to be heard. This is a time and place for befriending our truest call, the call wrapped in the beckoning branches of wild nature, the call beseeching us both from within and without. If this call is yours to respond to, we hope you will join us. 




"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."

   -John Muir     

What We'll Do

These four days will include conversation, deep-listening, and exploration. Some of what you'll experience includes:

  • Camping in pristine and secluded wilderness
  • Co-created ritual
  • Seeking Clarity on your Purpose  
  • Embodiment and somatic practices, exploring body of earth and self in relationship
  • Reflections on the seasons, cycles, and passages of the life of men - years past and years to come
  • Orienting to inner and outer 4-directions and 4 seasons of self and world to be explored over 4 days….
  • Dreamwork
  • Conversations and connections with the land and each other around polarities of:
  • Relationship and Aloneness
  • Collective and Individual
  • Human and Non-Human 
  • Difference and Sameness 
  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Fire and Water
  • Spirit and Soul
  • Old Ways and Emerging New Mythologies

Thursday - Sunday


Near Fort Collins and Boulder, Colorado


When:  October 11-14, 2018

Where: About 1 hour drive from Boulder or Fort Collins, Colorado in a secluded and pristine wilderness.

How: We'll be camping in community with time alone exploring the land and in dialogue with others. In stillness and in movement.

What To Bring: Each participant will bring food and gear needed for fall camping in Colorado for 4 days and 3 nights. A packing list will be provided. We can work with you to find or borrow gear if needed.

Who: Open to all men.

Investment:  $797* (Early Bird price $697 til Sept 15) 

*partial scholarships available.  

Your Guides

Chuck Hancock

Chuck Hancock, M.Ed, LPC is an Inner Life Guide working with people in all stages of life with almost a decade of experience participating in and leading men's groups, experiential processes, ritual, ceremony, and rites of passage programs. Adept in guiding both the inner and outer worlds, he has trained with the Hakomi Institute, School of Lost Borders, is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), has apprenticed with indigenous ceremony leaders, and has extensive training and experience guiding people in nature connection, mindfulness, depth work, and non-ordinary states of consciousness. He is married in committed relationship and is a father to two children.

Mark Sipowicz

Mark Sipowicz MA and Registered Therapist is a Jungian Wilderness Guide in his practice at Soul and Stream, with training and experience in Trauma and Dreamwork, eager to learn, serve, and support lost and emerging ways ways of knowing. He also works as a mentor for young adults in recovery, has launched and lead men’s wilderness retreats, leads writing groups and listens with others for Sidewalk Talk: A Community Listening Project. He is married and father of two boys. Mark was also in the book business for over twenty years and operated his own community bookstore for 12 years. 

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Near Fort Collins and Boulder, Colorado

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