Your Soul's Calling

When your life isn't turning out  

like you thought it would.

Your One Wild

And Precious Life...

Maybe you wake up one day and realize that this life you're living isn’t feeding your soul. Maybe you recognize you’re going through the motions – and something deep inside you knows this isn't the life you were meant to live. 

That's the calling of the soul.

But it's one thing to know your soul's calling and another to know how to listen...or what to do about it. Especially if don't know where to start -- or if it's even possible. 



with Mark Sipowicz.

The answers are often closer than we realize. At Soul and Stream I offer a place and a time to explore life's big questions with care, curiosity and specific attention to discovering the answers that are true for you. I don't come to the sessions with a container full of answers, instead, I come with a whole set of tools that come from my training as a Jungian Therapist, Wilderness Guide and Caregiver for the Soul. These tools are the most effective resources I know of for cracking these nuts.  We'll work together to help you discover your own inner allies, relations and resources. 

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