Talking and Walking with Soul

What Is Soul Work?

Rooted in Jungian depth psychology, soul work is basically an opportunity to come to terms with the inner and outer unseen forces in your life. We work to meet old stories that no longer serve and then find new ways of meeting and greeting your 'new self' into the world. All too often we try to make big transitions in life alone and without ceremony, leaping from one thing to the next without much time for thought or deep reflection. Soul work allows for a pause in life. Using a variety of tools and modalities including dream work, mirroring Jungian work, and ritual/rites of passage, soul work allows you to take a moment, tap into the depths of your inner wisdom, and then move forward from a more centered, solid, and less frenzied place.

Is Soul Work Right For Me?

Yes - if you're interested in exploring your call and connection with nature.  Yes - if you have a hunch that nature might be able to offer something that the four walls of a therapist's office can not. Yes - if you know that there is value in exploring the stories beneath the surface. Yes - if you feel out of touch with your roots. Yes - if you are feeling a call to soul and spirit that you haven't been able to spend time exploring. Yes - if you're looking for post-traumatic growth. Yes - if you're challenged by being seen as 'just one thing' and you know you're a whole lot more. Yes - if you've been feeling lack of focus, loss of creative juices, or are looking for any kind of new direction in life, even if the old life is successful. Yes -  if a new path calls. 

What Can I Expect?

It was Winston Churchill who once said "If you're going through hell, keep going." Anyone who is at a life crossroads knows that is often exactly what we wish we didn't have to do. But what happens when we keep going, dive deeper, and find the courage to face ourselves is that the soul opens up, speaks up and steps in to help us discover new way of looking at the world -- way beyond what we could imagine. New ideas, newfound hope, new ways to deepen your health and wholeness might emerge. You go from fate-based living to a life more destiny driven. You may find you have more wisdom, clarity or become excited about life again. And, you'll be better prepared for life's next curve ball because you'll start to recognize old patterns as possible new sources of insight.

Take away life's distractions and


How I Work...

I meet you where you are in your life. As a Jungian Wilderness guide and registered therapist, I listen to the issues, questions, and longings you bring to Soul and Stream and help you navigate a way forward. I draw on my  background in depth psychology, vision quest, Rites of Passage, literature, and an array of inner and outer adventures of my own. My guidance and support is heavily slanted toward self-teaching. In other words, I know I don't have all the answers you seek, but deeply believe you do ... and know I can help you ask the questions and use the tools to find your own meaning and your own true way forward.   

- Mark

Soul Work Offerings

Talking with Soul

Want to explore a deeper side of yourself from the comfort of your living room? This soul work offering is 5-week one-on-one program with 5 sessions guided by Mark over Skype or Zoom. Mark combines his passion, curiosity and experience of soul tending to help you get to the heart of what your soul is asking of you at this juncture in life. We will look at dreams as one way to gain insight into better remembering and exploring. Additional ways into the psyche might include, writing, reading poetry, trauma releasing exercises, experimenting with navigation through archetypal territory like the 4-directions or the four functions of Jung's personality types, etc. Mark customizes the experience based on his wisdom, intuition and experience from working with men and women individually and in groups for almost ten years. 

Walking with Soul

This offering incorporates the possibilities that arise when we open the door to body awareness that extends to the body and beings of the earth. It is a 6-week one-on-one guided program that includes time out on the land. We'll spend 3 weeks in preparation for you solo-time out in nature. The fourth week you'll be guided on a solo experience in nature and commit some time for the exploration. The specific length of your solo time is up to you and depends on your goals / comfort level etc. The following 2 weeks will be dedicated to absorbing what you learned on your quest and bringing that newfound wisdom back into your daily life. If you already have a strong connection to nature and the out of doors, and have some clues or questions regarding deeper engagement, this offering could be for you. Any of the elements of the Talking with Soul offering above can and may be applied to this more embodied exploration offering that is more land-based and includes a central ceremony on the land.


Deep Clarity, Peace and Knowing... 

"Questing with Soul and Stream was truly one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life and I shall forever be grateful to you for shepherding me through the quest experience...What surprised me most was the deep clarity I got; the peace and knowing that comes from being in a liminal space; of having a truly numinous experience. And the fact that I awakened to something very powerful within me, that I can summon when the need arises."

--Northern California Mother, Writer, Program Management Professional

Confirming, enriching, and grounding...

“I had heard of questing before and was drawn to personal questing with Mark because I liked the idea that it was all about the exploring process through nature and could be custom designed for me. I am an artist and was hoping to quest in order to feel more connected to my creativity and feel more passionate and excited about being creative. I got that and so much more. I felt completely supported and encouraged, not only during the quest but with new ideas and suggestions for going forward afterward as well. It got me excited about beauty in a new way and reminded me of what I used to love. This questing with Mark was such a wonderful experience. It was quite meaningful, and a relief too, because I was worried nothing would happen with me. It was confirming, enriching, and grounding. Mark is intuitive and passionate about supporting one's being on the path, in whatever direction you may want to go. Thank You Mark!”

- Elaine F., Boulder CO

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