Soul and Stream

If understanding your own SOUL messages

were the secret to unlocking 

your greatest gifts ...

Would you Listen?

Of course you would.

But you have to discover how to tap into that wisdom first,

and if you're like most people you've probably lost touch.

The truth is, we are creatures of habit. It doesn't take long to become out of touch with our roots, our soul and deepest self. Often, we don't even notice  - until something feels 'off'. Those are the messages deep inside all of us that give us a tap ... or a nudge and send us in a new direction ... even when we don't know why. When we take away life's distractions, we can not only learn to hear the messages - we learn to trust that inner guidance as well.


Is Your Life Calling You

in a New Direction?

Maybe you're done being the person everyone else expects you to be - and ready to bring more of  you, and your gifts, to the forefront. Maybe you're secretly grappling with whether to stay or to go - and challenged by feeling like there are no good options. Maybe you long to change up your predictable life - but you have created a life with so much to be grateful for, that some part of you wonders why you're even questioning... 

You can feel a change calling you ... but you still need to discover what it's asking you to do.


Inner Adventures...

Journeys for unlocking the hidden messages of Soul and Spirit

       What's an Inner Adventure?

It's an opportunity to go on a journey from the inside. We often think of adventure as a way to enjoy the great outdoors because nature offers us a chance to unwind, a way to experience the unknown, challenge ourselves and gain new perspective. An inner adventure offers many the same qualities.

The truth is, at some point we all need guidance, especially when we find ourselves at a crossroads in life. And often we count on others for 'the answers'. There comes a time however, when we know we have to listen to ourselves instead. These Inner Adventures are all designed to help you learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom and hear the message your own soul is trying to send you. 



Writing groups

This is a 5-week small group (8 people max) online writing program for seekers that want to expand their creativity, deepen their connection to unseen forces, and unwrap their soul stories. We will write in every session, loosen the imagination, and tap into the metaphors of nature.  


One-on-one Talking with Soul and Dreams

This soul work offering is 5-week one-on-one program with 5 sessions guided by Mark over Skype or Zoom. Mark combines his passion, curiosity and experience of soul tending to help you get to the heart of what your soul is asking of you at this juncture in life. 


One-on-one Walking & Talking with Soul in Nature

This offering incorporates the possibilities that arise when we open the door to body awareness that extends to the body and beings of the earth. It is a 6-week one-on-one guided program that includes time out on the land.

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